Friday, August 12, 2011

Wrapping your hoops.

Nooo. I havnt lost my mind. well not all of it anyway.
Just a tip for the beginner embroiderers.
I wrap the inside ring of all my embroidery hoops, as this helps to give better grip and less marking of your fabric.

Hoops can be used au-natural but I would recommend wrapping after  you've made sure that the hoops are lovely and smooth.If you feel any rough areas, a light sand with sandpaper (fine Grade) or even an emery board will do the trick.
Wrap with a bias cut tape and stitch the end  to keep it tidy.
Each of the above hoops has been wrapped with different tapes as Ive bought them at different times.
The brown is bias binding. The white is a cotton tape and the black is a tape for hat making.
Hope this helps
for Happy stitching


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Anonymous said...

This is super. Have been doing embroidery and cross stitch for about 52 yrs now and never thought of your idea. Thank you very much. Karen Quinn