Monday, August 15, 2011

Felt Rose

As if I dont need any more little projects. :)
How about a Felt Rose.
I have this gorgeous reddy pink felt and its a perfect colour for a rose.

I cut 2 circles of felt.The backing one is green.
Approx 2.5" diameter (7cms-ish)
A couple of leaf shapes as well.
Then I just back-stitched a spiral, starting from the centre.
Make a sandwich with the leaves in between.
Pin to hold and then a running stitch around the outside.
And Voila!!
Do I NEED a reason to make these little projects.??
Of course not. hehe.
I can imagine these on all sorts of things.
A bunch on a tote, or a single on a hairband or clip.
As a brooch.
Perfect for that little gift or stocking stuffer.Even as an embellishment on a gift.
If you make some I'd love to see your versions.

Happy happy stitching.


PS. OOhhh noo. Different colours of felt are demanding to be made into other flowers. Will keep you posted ;)

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