Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Stamping Block.

I showed you the other day a stamping block that Id bought from the op-shop.
The braid glued on really well and this is the print it makes.
I just rolled on some gold acylic.

I really like how it turned out.
Meanwhile I also did some basic mark making on the star shapes using some 3D paint

Then did a rubbing using some dye sticks Ive had around for years.
I just used a scruched up brown paper bag
Rubbed the sticks over.
Then its just a heat set transfer onto fabric.
A fairly pale transfer as I didnt rub on the dye sticks very hard.
But not as pale as a try to get a second print.
This also shows the type of dye sticks I used.

A simple straight-forward exercise that I will definitely be repeating over time.
I wonder what others use for simple transferring.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Paper Collage

Good Morning all. :)
Over the last few days I've been
following the creative urge to get into my paper
collection and throw some glue around.
These 2 are straight ephemera pieces.

And this one is mixed media
with some stitching, of course.

I've had the little souvenir Poi brooch
for years.

I have many many pieces of art-work finished, in paper , and fabric.
But when it comes to mounting them for display or sale, I run into a brick wall.
Do I mount them onto a solid background (paper and small fabric pieces) or display "soft" like a quilt.(Fabric pieces).
I have trouble at this stage as I'm more interested in the process than the finished item.
How do others work thru this dilema. Thats if its your dilema at
Happy Creating
Til next time
(The procrastinating Finisher)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Charity Shop Finds

Went for a stroll down the road to the Charity Shop to drop off a few items, and you know me. I cant come home

A yummy roll of very textured wallpaper.
A small blue box for storage.
A pile of student flash cards.
2 star wooden shapes.
A large handmade stamping block.
And 2 pieces of fabric with temari designs on them that
were in napkin rings.
A great haul for $6. :)

The stamping block is a good size
so I glued on some heavy braid that I had rescued off
a duvet.
Hopefully there is enough of a pattern to get a clear impression.

Happy Creating
till next time.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vintage Linen For Sale

Hi all.
Have been having a tidy up and Ive had these domestic vintage pieces in
storage for a looooonnnggg time. 13 years to be exact.
I wont be adding/collecting any more so they are up for-sale on
trademe here.

Those teeth are scary

Hopefully they will find a nice new home :)

Happy stitching

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Textured Purse

One of my contemporary pieces I made into a small zippered purse.
I just love the feel of it. :)

On a Calico base I laid out square cut scraps of silk,
machine basted, just to hold,
then covered with a fine tulle.
Some scrappy loose weave hessian was placed haphazardly,
and then I embroidered in random rows of running stitch.
Finished off with large circles in buttonhole stitch, with button centres.
then the whole piece was
made into a zippered purse.
I use it to take my sewing tools to Stitching Group. 

Friday, March 11, 2011

Beside my Chair.

I always have many different works beside my chair in the lounge.
So I thought I would share what is here at the moment
Its an eclectic mix which show that I'm not stuck on one particular style of embroidery. :)

First off My stitching area.
Then Tools and beads.

And the eclectic mix of projects that have actually got to the handstitching stage.

                                                             An Art doll, snuggle dolls,
                                                              a crazy quilt block, ready for beading
                                                                     and 2 contemporary pieces


Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Dolls have a Website

Hello All.
The dolls have their own site now and can you spread the word and encourage people to join up.
Your help would be greatly appreciated.

On the site I will be putting links to anyone doing charity creating and a donations page etc etc.

Regards for Now.
Snuggle Dolls Mum :)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Snuggle Dolls for Knitting.

For those who would prefer to knit a doll, I came up with this very simple design made from 2 rectangles.
Either as 2 rectangles or 2 tapered rectangles.Stitch the face and the wording on and decorate as desired.
Stuff so its soft n squishy :)

Another Snuggle Doll Idea

Using fine tip pens I played with the design on the doll.
Would probably be better with the "normal" sized felt pen.
I also added The date. Another possibility. The fine tip pens wrote on the calico quite easily. :)
With a calico back there is heaps of space for messages.
Hugs n snuggles :)

Christchurch Cuties. Snuggle Doll. First are made..

Between the shakes Ive finished the first 2 of Snuggle dolls. 200,000?? to go.
One for each resident and each rescue worker. I think I may need some help :)

This photo is pre-stuffing.

This basic shape lends itself to many different decorations, but each will have the word
"hugs" on it.
I did a fairly soft stuffing so the are squishy and  Huggable. :)

The process of stitching is very soothing. The distraction of picking colours and trying to be neat.
I know this is something that others may help in making . Something tangible. Money is always needed in a disaster , but also a small gift made with love for each and every one ,
  Children could make them for fellow canterbury children ?..
Decorate using felt pens , paint, crayons, etc etc. The options are endless.
Glue, stitch paint, draw. Then a soft stuffing for the squishyness. :)

A small idea for Hugs to all.

My email is if you would like to join me. :)