Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Christchurch Cuties Snuggle Doll Group Shot

My family of Snuggle Dolls is growing.
This is the first Group Shot. :)


Amy said...

Hi, so nice to find another Christchurch blogger right now, hard to get out of the house and talk to people. These are so so cute, good on you! I am donating money from my etsy sales to the relief fund. Wishing you well. xox

Penny said...

Hi Phillipa, India Flint put your blog up on hers, I have passed this onto a doll group I know who may like to make some, I will try to find time to make a few as well.
I love Christchurch, visited quite a few times and cant believe the devastation or how it must feel to be there during this terrible time. Think this is a lovely idea.
Cheers Penny

Phillipa said...

Hi Amy. Thanks for the contact. I cant see your blog tho :(. If you would like to send your etsy link to me then I will put it up on the website so people can go to your Quake listings.
My contact is in previous posts.
Regards Phillipa

Phillipa said...

Hi Penny. Thanks heaps for your help and Im now off to thank India. Passing on the info is greatly appreciated.
Thanks heaps.x.x.x.