Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Shabby Collage with Puppies. Bookwrap

I'm moving my Shabby Collage and other works over to my Etsy site.

Including my latest Shabby Book Wrap that features the cutest little puppies.
I found this fabric awhile ago at a quilting shop and couldnt resist it.
They are just perfect to be peeking out of a lacey background.

Happy Inspiration.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

WOW Winners are online.

The fabulous designs are all up on the website.
You must check them out.
I love them all. Glad I'm not a judge, because how on earth could you pick a Supreme from all this wonderful creativity.

Happy Creativity.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Evy is Amazing

You must, must must check out the work by Evy.
She may write in french but the photos are awe-inspiring.

Go check the site out here :)

I'm soooooooooo in

Happy Stitching

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome aboard

Hello and welcome to all my followers and my new followers.
I am soooo chuffed that you find my work to be of enough interest to follow.:)
The number of creative blogs on the internet
is mind-boggling and HOORAY, you've found me.
(Does a little dance)

I'm interested in anything to do with stitching, in all its forms.
I never work on one project at a time,
even tho I am trying to make it fairly coherent on here.
So bear with me, follow along, tell all your friends, pretty please,
and see what I come up with next.
I hope to start doing a few more tutorials of projects.
There I've publicly said it. That should keep me on track.
While adding to my patterns that I hope to sell heaps of, so I
can keep up my op-shopping for treasures and Live in the lifestyle I'd love to be accustomed

Welcome Aboard
from the Always Stitching


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Unorganised Thread Piece. Long term project

I always have a small piece beside my chair that gets stitched with the lengths of thread that you always end up with when stitching an organised piece.

Even if its only long enough for a couple of stitches, it gets used.

nothing gets wasted.

Normally I make up a hotch-potch fabric collage then just stitch. No planning, no end result in mind, just to see what happens.

Weeell, this one is 3 flowers from my stash and, I never noticed till I photographed it that, Theres a little doggy shape there.

Can you see that sad little face?

Will this influence my stitching? It probably will, shape wise I'm sure.

These odd pieces take ages to do so I will just have to see how it evolves.

Happy Scrappy stitching.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coffee Dying for my Stash

Things on the go all the time.

Coffee dying.
Half a bucket of Hotwater.
About 6 tablespoons af that really cheap coffee.
Dunk n swirl for 24 hours.
Then a very quick rinse. drip dry. then hot iron to set.
If you dont mind the coffee smell you can skip the rinse part and get a darker colour.

Happy Dunking n swirling


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Spoke too Soon. We have MORE Snow!!

Ok, I spoke too soon about us not getting snow That often here.

Yesterday morning .

This arrived between Midnight and 7am. Its still a
novelty for us. :)


Monday, August 15, 2011

Felt Rose

As if I dont need any more little projects. :)
How about a Felt Rose.
I have this gorgeous reddy pink felt and its a perfect colour for a rose.

I cut 2 circles of felt.The backing one is green.
Approx 2.5" diameter (7cms-ish)
A couple of leaf shapes as well.
Then I just back-stitched a spiral, starting from the centre.
Make a sandwich with the leaves in between.
Pin to hold and then a running stitch around the outside.
And Voila!!
Do I NEED a reason to make these little projects.??
Of course not. hehe.
I can imagine these on all sorts of things.
A bunch on a tote, or a single on a hairband or clip.
As a brooch.
Perfect for that little gift or stocking stuffer.Even as an embellishment on a gift.
If you make some I'd love to see your versions.

Happy happy stitching.


PS. OOhhh noo. Different colours of felt are demanding to be made into other flowers. Will keep you posted ;)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Wrapping your hoops.

Nooo. I havnt lost my mind. well not all of it anyway.
Just a tip for the beginner embroiderers.
I wrap the inside ring of all my embroidery hoops, as this helps to give better grip and less marking of your fabric.

Hoops can be used au-natural but I would recommend wrapping after  you've made sure that the hoops are lovely and smooth.If you feel any rough areas, a light sand with sandpaper (fine Grade) or even an emery board will do the trick.
Wrap with a bias cut tape and stitch the end  to keep it tidy.
Each of the above hoops has been wrapped with different tapes as Ive bought them at different times.
The brown is bias binding. The white is a cotton tape and the black is a tape for hat making.
Hope this helps
for Happy stitching


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Woohoo!! My first sale on Etsy

My Hearts and Flowers Pattern sold on Etsy.
I'm sooooo thrilled that I'm on the right track in designing patterns.
Tell all your friends ;)

Happy Happy Stitching


Tuesday, August 09, 2011

 Christchurch doesnt get snow very often,but last week we got heaps.
Here is my rusting area slowly reappearing.
The thaw took ages as the driveway doesnt get any sun.
The ice was very tricky to navigate. :)
Rusting always.

Saturday, August 06, 2011

Shabby Collage Book wrap

Another eclectic mix of vintage linens and
crocheted doilies and some very yummy ancient lace.
Ta da..:)
A deliciously tactile book wrap for that precious keepsake.

Happy stitching