Sunday, August 21, 2011

Unorganised Thread Piece. Long term project

I always have a small piece beside my chair that gets stitched with the lengths of thread that you always end up with when stitching an organised piece.

Even if its only long enough for a couple of stitches, it gets used.

nothing gets wasted.

Normally I make up a hotch-potch fabric collage then just stitch. No planning, no end result in mind, just to see what happens.

Weeell, this one is 3 flowers from my stash and, I never noticed till I photographed it that, Theres a little doggy shape there.

Can you see that sad little face?

Will this influence my stitching? It probably will, shape wise I'm sure.

These odd pieces take ages to do so I will just have to see how it evolves.

Happy Scrappy stitching.


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