Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Welcome aboard

Hello and welcome to all my followers and my new followers.
I am soooo chuffed that you find my work to be of enough interest to follow.:)
The number of creative blogs on the internet
is mind-boggling and HOORAY, you've found me.
(Does a little dance)

I'm interested in anything to do with stitching, in all its forms.
I never work on one project at a time,
even tho I am trying to make it fairly coherent on here.
So bear with me, follow along, tell all your friends, pretty please,
and see what I come up with next.
I hope to start doing a few more tutorials of projects.
There I've publicly said it. That should keep me on track.
While adding to my patterns that I hope to sell heaps of, so I
can keep up my op-shopping for treasures and Live in the lifestyle I'd love to be accustomed to..lol.

Welcome Aboard
from the Always Stitching


1 comment:

Evy said...

I like very much the embellishment of the sewings, pearls get married so well to the tissue!

Beautiful day