Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Christchurch Cuties. Snuggle Doll. First are made..

Between the shakes Ive finished the first 2 of Snuggle dolls. 200,000?? to go.
One for each resident and each rescue worker. I think I may need some help :)

This photo is pre-stuffing.

This basic shape lends itself to many different decorations, but each will have the word
"hugs" on it.
I did a fairly soft stuffing so the are squishy and  Huggable. :)

The process of stitching is very soothing. The distraction of picking colours and trying to be neat.
I know this is something that others may help in making . Something tangible. Money is always needed in a disaster , but also a small gift made with love for each and every one ,
  Children could make them for fellow canterbury children ?..
Decorate using felt pens , paint, crayons, etc etc. The options are endless.
Glue, stitch paint, draw. Then a soft stuffing for the squishyness. :)

A small idea for Hugs to all.

My email is freeone@inspire.net.nz if you would like to join me. :)

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