Saturday, November 05, 2011

That Pouting Princess

She pouted alot.
Hummed n haa'd over threads and colours to use. :)
So, just because she had been stashed away for a long time
is no excuse to be grumpy.

Still looking a bit forlorn

Is it because her apron wont sit flat.Poor girl ;)

I rescued her years ago, to upcycle.
Someone had spent a great deal of time and effort in stitching, very closely her dress and apron, and no matter how much ironing was done, it just wont sit flat.So we will go with the flow and stitch down so the ripples give a 3D effect.

Again, on a base cloth and a vintage silk piece, I have layered these more brightly coloured stitcheries.

The twirling ladies were just perfect to act as attendants.
It can be tricky at times to work with these brighter colours in a project, But this grouping work together in a summery, gaudy type of way.
They seem to be dancing in a garden.
Lots of stitching and fripperies to come.

Happy Dancing


PS. If you double click on the photos a new window should open with a slideshow which gives great closeups. :) Enjoy.

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