Monday, November 14, 2011

A Different Style

Again a different style to my shabby work.
These 2 were being worked on just before the February quakes and
its time they reappeared. :)

This first one was worked on a very distressed vintage piece that I rescued.

I used a sketch of some metal flowers .
Sorry no photo of them.

This second piece was made from scratch with layers of
calico, then teabags, tulle and a strip of fabric.
Stitched with perle cotton.

Slightly bigger than an A4 page.

 As per usual, I havn't
decided how to hang/display these.
Not interested in that part.
Its the stitching that rules the roost. :)
I still have the Glory Box that I had as a teen and its
filling up rapidly with my work.Plus a rolled up stack AND a vintage art folder full of embroideries and needlepoints.

My creations dont need a reason to be made. I just have to do it.
Is anyone else like this??

Happy hoarding


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