Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Shabby-Chic Crazy Panel. Bird n Bunny. Cont.

Stage 2.
After tacking the pieces in place, the fun begins.
Embroidery on all the edges. In this type of
stitching the edges are left raw, which adds tiny detail to the overall "look"

For the embroidery stitches Ive picked up on the colours in the embroideries to give the piece a cohesive look.

The next stage is the beading followed by the final embellishments.
BUT it may be awhile till I get those stages done. So join as a follower so you dont miss out on the continuing saga of the Birdie and Bunny :).

But wait, there's more.
As you know I hardly ever work one piece at a time.
So as the Bunny n bird chatter away there is a
"Pouting Princess"
sorting out her new home.

Looks like a hard lady to please. ;)

Woohoo for Shabby -chic Collage


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