Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hand Embroidery Patterns. By ME! Yippee!!

A while ago I posted about some little embroidery's that I did.

Well I had quite a few nice ideas from peoples and so
I'm now doing my own patterns.
These will be available as PDF's. No worrying about postage costs. :)
The first 4 are now on my Sella account .
I have heaps of ideas in the ol' noodle for many different designs, both traditional and contemporary.
For my overseas followers I have also started an Etsy shop.
I'd love to have you follow along.
I will have freebies and ideas and lots of other items on stitching in the future.
Now that Ive made a public statement about it all, I'd better pull finger and get moving :)

Happy stitching

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