Monday, July 25, 2011

Eco Dye. Camelia

On one of my jaunts to the post office i spotted some windfall camelia flowers. So what's a girl to do?
See what the potential is.

A lovely pinky colour with a nice perfume :).
will add to my shabby stash.
And since the liquid is still quite strong, Ive started another batch with lacey bits and scraps.

The first batch was left for just on a week, as I kept forgetting about it.Will I forget again?

Happy Stitching



Jo in NZ said...

Oh my goodness Phillipa, what beautiful work you do! I am loving the shabby chic layered laces and doilies...and the crazy quilting. Woohoo. If I ever make it down chch way again, I might look you up!
(I am also feeling a little inspired!)

akaber9598 said...

I love the idea of dying with flowers. Do you do anything to "set" the dye, or have you found that it works just as is?

Pat Winter said...

WOW! Beautiful shade of Pink!