Friday, June 03, 2011

Wall Cloth. Rust n Stitch with Lace

The rust cloth I have been making really really

And the lovely vintage doily had very fine lace but was showing signs of distress.
So the doily and the cotton lace fringing were coffee dyed and seem to just merge with the rust cloth.
But still with enough colour difference.
I played around with the placement of pieces till
this emerged.

I handstitched the pieces together with Perle cotton in golds
using a running stitch.
The rust cloth has a medium weight hand and is
pleasant to stitch on.
Firm enough to hang nicely but still light enough to move in a breeze.

In the end I placed the fringing lower down.
I was happier with it there.
                         And a closer look at the vintage doily.

I love the way this piece looks and feels , so
I'm sure there will be more.

Til next time

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