Monday, June 06, 2011

Eco-dying Playtime

My first little foray into eco-dye.
Another process Im quite interested in.
I found these delightful bunches of berries on a huge tree at one of the local cemeteries.
B and I are having a wonderful time researching our family trees and hence the visits to local cemetarys.
Many have wonderful old trees, so while strolling around I keep an eye out for potential dye sources.
I have no idea what the tree is called tho.
So into the pot.
                                        Cover with water

Boil n Simmer for an hour.

Strain off the liquid when cool.
This is actually a pinky colour.
Dunk and soak fabric and lacey bits for a
couple of days.
Drip dry.

And Voila!

Yet to be ironed, to set the colour, but the lovely pinky colour is a
shabby chic romantic colouring.
Added to my stash waiting for my next inspiration :)

Till next time



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