Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Finished. Ta Dah!!! Surreal Garden.97,520 Stitches

Approx 15 months of stand-by stitching.

The last few inches :)
The colours don't show up as well here. That
yellow is a lovely bright Canary yellow/gold.
3 stitches to go
2 ........

Ta Dah!!! Much hand-clapping. he he
The final third is done.
The largest Needlepoint I have attempted to date

And here it is.
Off the frame and relaxing on the floor.
The DVD cover is to give an idea of scale.
These are the statistics.
My own Design.
23" x 42"
#10 canvas
DMC Wool
185 skeins
and if my maths is right, then this is
97,520 stitches.
Crikey!... Blimey!, did I really do that many.??
Far too Much Stitching ;)

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Andrea Shepherd said...

It's wonderful! Congrats on finishing.