Monday, January 14, 2013

Seems it's my turn

Many of the blogs I follow have in the
past been having problems with Blogger.
Well now it's my turn.
I can't up-load any images.Bugga it all.
Since I last posted I have created all sorts of goodies to show.
So will I do what the others at the help line are doing.
Moving to Wordpress or Typepad?
Any suggestions????
Not a Happy Stitcher :(


Penny said...

I use picasa for my photos and dont have any problems but I do have to pay now for extra room as I have run out of free space, Personally I still prefer blogger for all its problems, they do fix problems, finally, if you ask.

Phillipa said...

Hi Penny. Ive been following the "HelP' Page for Blogger on this problem and seems its quite well spread across the blogs.
Its been ages and no progress on fixing it yet. :(