Wednesday, April 11, 2012

French Knot Encrusting

Over the past few weeks Ive noticed other bloggers are into stitching encrusted rocks.
Well of course I had to as well.  Here are a few shots of the encrusting done but still waiting for our next trip to the coast to collect appropriate sized rocks.
These are such fun.

And then of course, I like to be different.
I had to experiment with red on redwool. And it worked out just fine.

That "is" a pinky red thread that is showing a brighter colour, not just the camera changing the colour. A brighter colour to add some zing.

Next post I will show my version of the encrusted rock. step-by-step.

Rocking Happily


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Anonymous said...

The effect is beautiful. Yes, like you am tempted to try. Thanks. Best wishes, Carina