Monday, March 05, 2012

CQJP February Block Finished

The finished block and a few closeups for you. :)

Daisy like flowers in all sorts of textures are my main love in crazy quilting. I use Stranded embroidery threads, silk ribbons, organza ribbons, crochet cottons, with upcycled crochet motifs and bits of lace and net.Lots of basic embroidery stitches and THEN
Beads. Lots of beads :).
You may notice that scattered all over the place are little bunches of french knots. I do these to use up the ends of any threads.
Little triangles of 3 knots always adds a dash of texture.

And the block as a whole.

I have a heap of the black butterflys and they will be seen alot in this quilt :)

I'm thoroughly enjoying stitching these blocks.

Happy Crazy stitching


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