Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Projects from Waaay Back. Again

Hello fellow Stitchers.

The horse is A3 size and was stitched in the  early 1970's.
You may recognise the pattern ( for us older followers) as it was in an English craft magazine, just as a photo and I painstakingly drew the pattern from the photo. Later-on I found the pattern was in a later version of the magazine.

It did have a lovely frame at one point (thanks Mum)
but it was damaged so Ive kept it like this since.
So, Ok the odd  project does get

On to these. a few that I still have :)

Yes, I had a country-style phase. Along with some quilts as well :)

Can you identify phases in your stitching life.?

Happy reminising


PS. Found this in my hoard as well.c late 70's.
drew up a cartoon from the paper I think. I should have stabilised it. hence the wrinkles. Never finished :(


Deb said...

I agree, I can see different styles in my stitching. I also have a "country" cross stitch. I do love your donkey with the flowers, it's timeless. I have to say it always surprises me when I find an unframed cross stitch or tapestry at the opshop. I wonder why someone would go to all that work and not frame them. I am building a collection of "rescued" pieces that I'm framing. I like to think the person who stitched them would be stoked to have them finally framed!

I actually have a partially completed tapestry framed in my sewing space. The framer thought I was mad, but seeing as my blog is "Works in Progress" I kinda thought it was appropriate!!

Phillipa said...

Hi deb. My problem is that I produce soooooooooooooo much work that I would run out of wall space, So I picky choose, or try and incorporate into other projects.
Regards Phillipa