Saturday, October 15, 2011

Dont Waste The Beetroot Juice.

Theres enough juice in a can of beetroot to still be useful once the beetroot has been used.
Dont throw it out.
Even this small amount can have a few pieces dunked in it.

I left the scraps in the juice for a couple of days.
Then drained and rinsed and drip dryed.
A lovely rosy pink colour. Hard to photograph. More like the colour in the sunshine.

And Still theres juice left, so another tiny batch goes on in.
Some small motifs from the stash.

Theres just enough juice to cover the bottom of the container.
See how the motifs have soaked it up.
Now to wait a couple more days.

Happy Waiting


1 comment:

Bunty said...

What a great idea. So far I have only experimented with teas, coffee and avocados.