Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Christchurch Earthquake.

Reporting in. We are fine. Our house is fine. Most of our street is fine, even tho we are in the liqufaction area.
We had a mess inside the house but only lost a couple of ornaments and the Tv set.All in all we got off lightly.Just have to learn to live with no water supply for awhile.

The aftershocks are very nerve racking as some are quite large.


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iNdi@na said...

it's the unpredictability that gets to least when we were burnt out back in '83 it was over when the fires died down...not much 'afterburning' and we could simply get on with re-building, whereas the floods everywhere have left piles of stinking stuff to be dealt with
and the earthquake seems to keep having rumbles.

wishing you well