Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Knitted Shawls by my Nana c 1970's

Knitted by my Grandmother for my children.
Handspun yarn by her and then fine knitting.
Someone else happy stitching

2015-2020 Some crochet



Over the previous 5 years living on the road much Crochet has been done. Many many repetitions
of some patterns. This is mostly for my own
record in case phone photos are ever lost.
It wasn't til I started to check my photos that I realised just how much work I have produced.
Happy Stitching


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Thread Stash Buster. Slow Stitching

I go to this project between others.
Dyed with paint, then stamped with paint.
Slow stitching of running, blanket and
 now some French knots.
More to come
Stitching always

Slow Stitching

Ive shifted to small slow-stitching projects at the mo. 
Up cycled linen, hessian and part of a scarf.
Added running stitch with upcycled DMC perle .
All from the same op shop :).
Stitching Always