Monday, March 18, 2013

Doodlin Done

The Doodlin is done
And some dying ( More pics in the next post)
And rolled wools off ends of cones.
To have a play at tapestry
And this evolved.couldnt keep it square :(
And Mindless stitching on this vintage tapestry while watching Tv.
Chocolate Box cute
And keeping an eye on MGO as he learns to weave.

And printed a few images for another shabby book.
Looks like this may be the next project.:)
Similar but different to the previous one
Most of the country is in drought mode, but thank goodness we are having some showers today.
Could be a hard winter for the farmers.
The quakes seem to have gone for now.
Just the few here n there which is normal for NZ.
So happy stitching