Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Progress of the Pastel

This set of pics show the progress from unembellished block though to about the half way point. I still have more of everything to add yet. As I've mentioned before ,I'm not usually a pastel person and I find alot of brighter colours creeping their way in. You may be able to pick out some of the crocheted doilies and pieces of recycled embroidery in some of the blocks.
I dont tend to work in any particular order. I skip around all over the place until I think it looks right.
These blocks will eventually be made into a small lap quilt size throw for draping.

End Of March Already

Where does the time go?? And as for my postings.I spend toooo much time reading other peoples blogs.I just love seeing what other people have created.

And finally here is a pic of the back of my jacket.
It came out of storage a couple of weeks ago when I did a small talk for a group of lovely ladies in Feilding.They were machine knitters, but seeing other types of work is always inspirational and they seemed to enjoy themselves.
I introduced them to the idea of ATC's.A great way to use some of their smaller samples.