Friday, February 21, 2020

Slow-Stitching. Paints and stitching. An easy Take with-you project.

Along with my collage and stitching on paper,
I have played with a piece of pellum.
Coloured it using watered down acrylic paint  and beetroot juice. :)
I just dropped the first colours on and then sorta squished the fabric to make the liquids move and blend.
Then I used a couple of old jars to create the circles.
Just dipped them in the paint/liquid and stamped
Lots of delicious circles on a mottled background.and some splattering as well.
Hang to dry but watch what's underneath it as you will get drips.
I decided to stitch the fabric doubled as this was firmer to the touch. Pellum can tear easily at the thickness I have used.
(I'm not sure what the fabric is called in other countrys.
This is a thin, pressed type of batting?.)
 Half a metre then folded. 
Next onto the stitching preparation.
This is a great way to use up the odds n ends from your other projects.
I've gathered the small lots of threads I have rescued from the Charity shops. These have unintentionally ended up in Earthy tones.
And now I have my Slow-Stitch project ready and
the running stitch is the stitch of choice.
Something slow and quiet to do while I binge watch movies online :)

Perfect as a project to take along wherever you need a moment to decompress. ;)
I'm still working on the paper and stitch collages between.

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Happily Creating.