Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Collage Inspiration

Today I needed another inspiration input. So i splashed some paint around on some collages I had done.
I use a basic scrapbook, and on one side  I paste in images that Ive collected form magazines, and then on the opposite page I draw a copy.
But as you can see the drawing isnt a direct copy. I find that as you draw, the layout can change and some images are even left out.
So today I decided to get rid of the white page and just quickly painted the pages with watered down acrylic paint.
This little exercise is great for getting ideas moving , and to just be doing something. A collage is a much better point to start the designing process, than looking at a blank page.

And here are a few pages from one of my amaller sketchbooks showings images from Tapa cloth

And german design I found in a book

Maybe these may inspire you too..