Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More Colour. 5" Hexagons.

5" hexagons.
Bright n bold.
Still on my colour fix :)

Now to do a spot of joining.
Colourful stitching
Always Stitching

Friday, January 24, 2014

Big projects. No Time..Yeah Right!!

In my previous post I showed one of my long term projects
that is finally finished :)
Big projects can be quite daunting to a lot
 of us creative types out there.
Where will I do it.
Where do I find the time
What the heck am I thinking
But by being organised and making space for
"Your" creativity
anything is possible.
Shift the TV
Move the dog bed
Add a small table.
Your project needs a place of its own
and is given high priority
Too many creatives cant/wont allow their work to be an acknowledged part of the day to day
running of a house.
You deserve the space.
Find it.
Make it close.
Get organised.
My own example of time usage is.
My large Tapestry frame was folded against the bookshelf by my computer table which is right by the kitchen.(Open-plan)
Mind-you we both live among our many projects.
they're everywhere.
Anyway....I find I have a time space between preparing dinner and waiting for MGO to get home.
Sometimes 10 minutes, sometimes half an hour.
I sit at my computer desk, turn sideways and "voila", tilt the frame and away I go. And I can still monitor the dinner cooking if necessary and watch TV.
So over the past 14 months or so, in small time frames I've completed the huge tapestry.
Time that would have ordinarily been wasted, probably doing other chores..Yikes!!! nah!!!
So I've used this technique over the years on all sizes of projects
and its amazing how much can be achieved.
I use the needlepoint genre just for this purpose.
Not too much concentrating needed. ;)
Get organised
These must be projects that can be picked-up/put-down easily
Have a space.
It must be in sight.
Its all yours.
Get the kids their own supplies if necessary.
Our creative time is important.
Oh I could go on for hours on this subject...
But I wont...(Phew you say ) I heard ya..
Tell me how you grab time and space for those
minute moments of creativity
Always stitching
PS. Can you please share this as Id love to hear how others grab time.
I also have a facebook page.:)

Monday, January 20, 2014

It's Finished. Ta Dah!!! Surreal Garden.97,520 Stitches

Approx 15 months of stand-by stitching.

The last few inches :)
The colours don't show up as well here. That
yellow is a lovely bright Canary yellow/gold.
3 stitches to go
2 ........

Ta Dah!!! Much hand-clapping. he he
The final third is done.
The largest Needlepoint I have attempted to date

And here it is.
Off the frame and relaxing on the floor.
The DVD cover is to give an idea of scale.
These are the statistics.
My own Design.
23" x 42"
#10 canvas
DMC Wool
185 skeins
and if my maths is right, then this is
97,520 stitches.
Crikey!... Blimey!, did I really do that many.??
Far too Much Stitching ;)