Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tutorial. Turn a Skirt into a Shabby-Chic Heart Wreath

Upcycle a skirt into a wreath.
From this

To This

And this
to this

Turn a pretty skirt into a shabby-chic heart wreath.
These 2 skirts I found at a charity shop.
The fabrics were too nice to leave behind, and
are perfect for this project.
You need.
A skirt or large shirt could be used too.
Cut apart and all bits saved.
a wire coathanger
Strips of wadding
a long necklace (upcycled of course)
Firstly. Push,pull,bend and generally manipulate the wire coathanger into a heart shape. Try to find the lighter metal ones.
And a pair of pliers is very handy to help.

Then using strips of wadding, wrap the heart.
Ive been upcycling the inner from a duvet.A new one that I rescued second-hand.

If the strips arn't long enough then just stab stitch
thru all the layers with needle n thread when adding a new strip. Same when we get to the fabric wrapping.
The Beige skirt is a lacey fabric, so I wrapped the wreath with the lining fabric first and then the lacey fabric,
For the blue wreath, the one layer was fine.
The cat just HAD to help.:)
next wrap with the top layer of fabric.

Next I've wrapped the flowery ruffle from the skirt.

And then added bunches of rolled roses and a bow.
The roses are from strips of the skirt and the bow
is plaited from the offcuts of all the seams.

Pearly beads were stitched here n there.
On the blue wreath I wrapped a long vintage blue -glass necklace and tacked into place.
 I hope you have fun with this project too :)
Lots of Happy Shabby Stitching