Tuesday, December 19, 2006

'Piece de Resistance'

About time i put a photo up of my Biggest folly so far.
A mans suit jacket from an op-shop.Covered in fabric in the crazy quilt mode and then embellished with junk jewellery from my huge collection of the time.All the beading is hand sewin as was the fabric covering beneath.
Took me 3 years on- n- off to complete.
Needless to say it is very heavy but is still wearable. :)
Will find a photo of the back to put up soon.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Nearly Xmas

Well this has got to be the most changeable spring ever weatherwise.Mother nature sure has a bad case of PMS. :). every day is different.
So when the day has allowed it I have scooted out into the garden to weed weed weed prune prune prune.Only one large flower bed to go.thank goodness most of the plants in this one are higher than the weeds..:).
In other areas of the garden i have found more rhodos and azaleas and other small speciman plants hidden away.Its like a treasure hunt wondering what i would find next.
My wonderful B has put in the vege garden but the only thing really doing well is the potatoes. This changeable spring has really slowed down the growth rate.Mind you we did have 2 days of brilliant sun last week and wouldnt ya know i got a bad case of sunburn. I definately under estimated the power of the sun here.Grilled would be an appropriate word here. ;) lol.
The orchids travelled well and have continued flowering beautifully this year. Masses of blooms in vases around the house.Only 5 spikes left now. will see if i can put up a pic of some soon.
Xmas is here soon and weve both been creative for the 1st Xmas of Harrison. Our first grandchild. B made him a truck with a huge load of blocks and i made him a quilt from appliqued blocks I stitched back in 1996.