Saturday, December 31, 2011

Free Vintage Image. Rabbit

From my own collection. Wouldn't he look cute in a
shabby collage printed on calico/cotton.
Or on a journal page :)

Happy Stitching


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Friday, December 23, 2011

Bird n Bunny Panel is Done!

Just the backing to put on, but that can wait till after xmas.

Layers and layers, stitching, beading, textures, doilies,
buttons and chiffon roses. :)
All my favourites.

Lots of Happy Stitching


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Vintage Snood Pattern

I havnt been a knitter for years and years but this pattern,
found at the op-shop followed me home.

The ladies in the Tv series The Borgias wore Snoods quite often.
How on earth did they get them to stay on before hairclips were invented?
I thought they looked lovely over beautiful long hair, and they also lend themselves to some beading embellishing.
Sooooooooooooo, for those knitters out there.
here is the pattern.

Crochet Version.
No 6 crochet Hook
1 yd of 1in wide ribbon.
half yard of narrow elastic.
The pattern calls for something called glove cord.
You experts out there will know a suitable substitute:)
Approx 10"wide x 12" deep

Ok..Using no6 hook, make 39 chain.
1st Row..
2 tr. into 5th chain from hook*1 ch., miss 2 ch of foundation,2 tr into next ch. Rep from * to end.12 groups. Turn with 4 chain.
2nd Row.
2 tr. 1 ch.into each space to end of the row.ending with 2tr.into space of 4ch. turn with 4 chain.

repeat 2nd row 16 times. 18 rows in all.
fasten off and darn in ends.

Thread elastic through back part of snood ie. along foundation chain edge and about 4" up each side.
cut ribbon in half and thrad round remaining edges, ending each piece in centre of last row.
Join ribbon and elastic firmly together and tie ribbon in a bow at centre front.

Knitted version.

No 6 Knitting needles
same elastic and ribbon as crochet version.
measures approx.
14" wide x 11" deep

Using #6 needles cast on 36sts very loosely.
K 1 row then continue in following drop-st pattern.

Row 1.
K 1. then winding wool twice instead of once round needle for each stitch. k to last st.k last stitch in usual way.

Row 2.
K.1, K next 34 sts, dropping extra loops to form long stitches.K 1

Rep last 2 rows 13 times.
cast off VERY loosely.
Finish is the same as for the crochet version.

Hope this is a fun project for anyone interested n the
40's to 50's style of dressing.And of course the 16th century Italian style.

Happy stitching


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Projects from Waaay Back. Again

Hello fellow Stitchers.

The horse is A3 size and was stitched in the  early 1970's.
You may recognise the pattern ( for us older followers) as it was in an English craft magazine, just as a photo and I painstakingly drew the pattern from the photo. Later-on I found the pattern was in a later version of the magazine.

It did have a lovely frame at one point (thanks Mum)
but it was damaged so Ive kept it like this since.
So, Ok the odd  project does get

On to these. a few that I still have :)

Yes, I had a country-style phase. Along with some quilts as well :)

Can you identify phases in your stitching life.?

Happy reminising


PS. Found this in my hoard as well.c late 70's.
drew up a cartoon from the paper I think. I should have stabilised it. hence the wrinkles. Never finished :(

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some Work from Waaaaay Back

Do you have pieces floating around from Waaaaaay back.
A few of mine.
The Hardanger supper cloth actually got
circa late 1970's.

Then a couple of hankies from the same era that
I stitched on. Instant finishing ;)

But this one from the 1980's is still waiting.

I wasnt happy with the ripples at the time,
but I kept it as its bright and cheerful. :)

Next time I will show you a few, and yes, unfinished pieces from
my cross-stitch phase.

I'm afraid that the framing or sewing up just doesnt interest me.
How about you ??

Happy Stitching

Regards Phillipa

Thursday, December 08, 2011

Bird n Bunny. More Beads

Hello fellow stitchers :)
A quick update on a bit more beading on the
Bird n Bunny Panel.

Hope the silly season is being kind to you so far.

Happy stitching


Monday, December 05, 2011

Vintage Image.

Vintage style images have a certain appeal.

Colour was certainly handled differently.
maybe she can help out in one of your projects.

Happy Stitching


Thursday, December 01, 2011

Velvet Flower

Hello to all my fellow stitchers :)

This is the simple tutorial of mine that was published in
Velvet ribbon and a vintage brooch
which appeared on my spring hat.

Fold, stitch and trim the velvet ribbon into
a neat circle.
Then stitch a vintage brooch in the centre.
This brooch has a curved hollow back which is perfect to sit over the ribbon.

Has anyone created any spring items yet??

Happy Stitching